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Software is available to download for free on powercommander dot com under the download tab. Built for the long haul, the road king vtwin motor has a comfortable seat, windshield and hard saddlebags. The pcii allows controlling the fuel map on injected bikes and the ignition map on some bikes. In this video we download and install the pcfc software from the dynojet website. In this video i explain how to install the power commander v on a 2012 yamaha r6 as part of my cat delete project. Connect the usb cable from your computer to the power commander. The new power commander usb will instantly and automatically connect to the power commander control center software once it is installed. Installing power commander 5 on 2015 busa engine and. Motorcycle performance parts dynojet power commander accessories. Power commander with the release of the pciii pc3 the powercommander site no longer has pcii pc2 powercommander ii powercommander 2 stuff on it. This version of the pc controls the fuel map by adjusting sensed value inputs to the stock ecu.

The programming software kg uv commander by jim mitchell for programming the radio is terrific. If not there may be several reasons why it has not. If you get new header pipes, mufflers, or air intake on your motorcycle then you need to at least do a basic remap of your motorcycles electronic fuel injection efi, or things will not run properly. What do i need to install a big bore kit on my hd milwaukee8 bike. Tutorial videohow to install a dyno jet power commander v. Power commander 3 usb by dynojet research should i. Connect the 9v adapter to the expansion port of the power commander. Adding devices autotune, ignition module, secondary fuel module duration. You can use usb connection any openclose type switch. From the left side of the bike route the power commander ii cable over the frame rail and under the stock wiring harness in the area of the section of the seat.

Provides precise information for finetuning a fuelinjected motorcycle when changing an air filter, installing a exhaust system or doing additional engine. First and foremost, this software will unlock the rado to transmit and receive on any frequency the radio is. Dynojet power commander iii usb yamaha road star warrior 0206 the power commander iii usb is newly introduced in 2003 and utilizes the samedirect injector control technology as the pciii. Any user, from individuals to enterprises, can effectively protect business plans, client lists, product specifications, confidential corporate. For the cost of the bazzaz with tc and qs, i bet you could just about get one of the more advanced woolich kits.

The dynojet power commander v is a vital first step into the world of motorcycle fuel tuning. Adjustments can be made either with a windowsbased computer or by using the face plate mounted button. Automate config backups so you can quickly roll back a blown configuration or provision a replacement device. Pc v software download knowledge base fuel moto university. High power encryption software securely and easily protects all proprietary data on pc 100% of the time without users having to think about security. I have a few questions 1 where is the best place to install the control unit. They diagnosed it over the phone with their tech support team and requested to send it back. I am considering a power commander mk5 for my 2011 txc511but it sounds like i may need a degree in computer programing.

In its place is a glorified gaming configuration staring front and center with only a small handful of advanced display options tucked very much outside of conventional control. Solarwinds network configuration manager helps maintain uptodate inventory of your network devices. Click on install software in the menu and follow the directions. We then download power commander maps and send one. You can switch on the fly between these two base maps when you hook up a switch to the map inputs. Below you will find different firmware for the power commander v fuel tuner. This will save you money by not having to take your harley to a mechanic to tune you electronic fuel injection. Dynojet autotune kit, works with power commander 5 for all twin cyclinder application. Network configuration manager ncm is designed to deliver powerful network configuration and compliance management. Power commander 2 free power commander software download.

Power commander software free download power commander. The ability to adjust your motorcycles fuel map is vital if you have added a highflow air filter, aftermarket exhaust system or smog blockoff plates. Power commander v installation manual churchupload. Simply connect the included can cable and youre ready to go. Dynojet usb cable for power commander 3 and 5 ebay. Page 2 power commander v input accessory guide accessory inputs map the pcv has the ability to hold 2 different base maps. In the pcv software go to power commander tools configure features, enables, and input selections to enable and configure the autotune feature. Power commander control center free download windows version. Power commander control center was developed to work on windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10 and can function on 32bit systems. I saw secondary fuel module somewhere in the pc5 software and thought it was if you had two pc5s hooked up. Power commander v pcv downloads below you will find the available manuals, installation guides, firmware, and software available for your power commander v. Power commander software and latest maps from our web site at. Power id3 editor is a full featured and easetouse tag editor for mp3, wma and ogg files. The power commander iii usb allows a full range of fuel adjustment, as much as 100% over stock.

I tested mine on the bird wattmeter and it really does deliver 5 full on watts. How to load maps and overview of power commander 5 v1. Rated 1 out of 5 by maxk from never buying dynojet products again. Dynojet remains committed to the needs of the powersports and dyno community. The program is sometimes referred to as power commander control center test build 1. You may want to check out more software, such as power commander control center, usb drive antivirus or usb virus scan, which might be similar to power commander usb. Despite this they simply returned the same unit a week later and said it was working. A power commander completely replaces the stock system and can be mapped to cut the fuel resulting in a leaner mixture on deceleration lower likelihood of popping. Harleydavidsons road king series has set a high level of standards.

After installation, you can use the wsm client application and tools with windows power user privileges, but you must have administrative privileges to use watchguard server center and manage your watchguard servers. While taking the appropriate precautions for the safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees, we are continuing to fulfill all orders and support our customers. Wouxun software download baofeng software download. Dynojet power commander iii usb yamaha road star warrior. You can also download the power commander software and. Make sure the seat does not put pressure on the power commander ii cable. Using power id3 editor you can easily edit, add or delete id3 tags data for your audio files. Videohow to install power commander v on harley davidson. Power commander v installation on te449 cafe husky. Software is compatible with windows 98seme2000xpvista opens all maps with. Please read all directions before starting installation dynojet research 2191 mendenhall drive north las vegas, nv 89031 800 9924993. To enhance the kings performance, a power commander electronic fuelinjection. Usb port provides an instant and automatic connection to the power commander control center software. Power commander 3 usb is a program developed by dynojet research.

The power commander v has 250rpm resolution and 10 throttle position columns giving you up to 640 individual mapping points for fuel and an equal number for ignition timing if ignition equipped. For additional information, downloads or troubleshooting guides on the power commander v, please visit our. I have race map 2, no o2 sensor, akrapovic std exhaust. Numbers should appear at the top of the software in the monitor area. Dyno power commander software is only compatible with a windows pc. Make sure that you do not have other software that uses the 9 pin serial port running such as palm pilot or digital camera software. After youve downloaded crossover check out our youtube tutorial video to the left, or visit the crossover chrome os walkthrough for specific steps. I have just pulled the trigger on a power commander v with dual map switch for my 2011 te449 with the hope of it curing the flame outs. Powerdesk professional is the easy, fast and expert way to organize and manage the files, digital photos, mp3s and web images on your pc. Download power commander control center per pcfc, versione 1. Congratulations on your new power commander v fuel tuner. The pod300 is an accessory display for dynojet devices that support djcan. Upgrading powercommander firmware maintenance and doit.

To install the watchguard system manager software, you must have administrative privileges on the management computer. This is the kind of point specific adjustability that is necessary with todays bikes and the parts that are available for them. Use this cable to connect your power commander to your computer to download maps and tune your power commander. This is a very thorough stepbystep tutorial video that will teach you how to install a dynojet power commander v on your harley davidson motorcycle right on the kickstand. Power commander powercommander quickshifter wideband. Now that you have installed your power commander here is a brief overview on how to use the unit. In most cases the software will find the port that the power commander is attached to. If you need help with your power commander v, please contact our power commander v customer support team.

Power commander, free power commander software downloads, page 2. The dynojet power commander plugs inline with your bikes stock fuel injection system. The software installer includes 5 files and is usually about 5. You can just run the power commander v on your motorcycle and be good with that.

The software refers the older version as primary module as you probably know. Extending the flexibility of dynojets latest tuning software, c3 mobile allows you to communicate and adjust your installed power commander v. Installation instructions, parts list commander software and latest maps from our web site at. Commander allows you to control your alinco, elecraft, flexradio, icom, jrc, kachina, kenwood, tentec, or yaesu radio from a pc running windows 95, 98, nt, 2000, xp, vista, 7, 8, or 10.

Displays and plays the contents of m3u and pls files. The usb port provides an instant, no hassle way to connect the power commander module to a computer. The dynojet auto tuner hooks to the power commander v pcv. Download power commander control center per pciii usb, versione 3. Includes two o2 sensors, two control modules, can connection cables and custom length sensor cables.

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