38 and 357 interchangeability booklet

If you dont use gascheck, the barrel gets a bit cruddy pretty fast. My carry gun is a 6401 five shot, also one of my favorites. Interchangeability of ammunition in weapons gunshot wounds. By this time, both the new service and single action army in. Winchester loaded some very high pressure ammo for this revolver, and both gun and ammo were called. After a short run, they lengthened the frame and cylinder to fit all bullet weights. Cartridge interchangeability chart cartridges within the groups shown are interchangeable. The only drawback is you have to clean the residue out of the cylinders or the 357s will stick in that last tenth if not clean. And if they are marked 38 357, they certainly can be used for both. I used to buy a lot of unique because it is just so versatile. The 38 super is dimensionally exactly the same as a 38 automatic its just loaded to higher pressures. Lees book lists a fmj, copper plated and also the xtp each in a different chart. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. I am going to make the assumption that you have been informed that the best handgun for selfdefence is a.

When the 357 was developed it was made 1 tenth longer so as not to fit in a 38 because the 357 was loaded to higher pressure. Heres a summary of popular cartridges that interchange well. Features performance center speed release thumbpiece vented, ribbed barrel interchangeable front sight orange front sight included unfluted. For a home gun and one for hunting hiking a gp 100 is very nice. With other powderbullet combos, there is a gap between max 38 and min 357. Sadly, the only thing the two calibers share is they both use a small pistol primer. Dan wesson firearms revolver instruction manual small. Lets dissect the somewhat interchangeable rounds to see what fits your needs best.

With some powderbullet combinations, the maximum 38 special and the minimum 357 are the same load. In that case i would not use 38 data, although there. As stated a 38 special revolver isnt proofed for the pressures that the 357 puts out. Seeing 357 is longer than the 38, do i have to make any kind of powder adjustments. Discussion in weapons and tactics started by fedorgasm, nov 24, 20.

The only drawback is you have to clean the residue out of the cylinders or the 357 s will stick in that last tenth if not clean. That usually works fine, and theres no way its gonna blow it up. Dan wesson revolvers provide the ultimate in interchangeability of. Now normally i would just use the ammo that the gun was designed for, but he was in the military and the sheriffs dept for years so he knows his. I personally love revolvers but not as defensive weapons. My question is, can i load the 357 brass as 38 special. Getting to the question of what firearm to look at. You also wont find a manual of arms simpler nor a gun as easy to. Is it safe to fire 38 caliber rounds in a 357 magnum pistol. These features are great as they enable you to clean a good number of firearms while on the move. My grandfather had both 38 special bullets and 357 magnum bullets for it. The gun calibers that can be cleaned using this kit include 45, 40, 357 38, 17, 30, 270280 and 22 pistol and rifles. Xtp hollow point up to about 1,430 fps according to the book.

The only difference that you need to concern yourself with is the load data for the two cartridges. Dan wesson firearms revolver instruction manual small frame models ammunition. These jacketed hollow cavity sportsmaster bullets are designed for high velocity and rapid expansion, and are suitable for all 38357 cartridges used in. You could just reload 38 special cartridges to 357 pressure but youd still be exceeding the pressure the gun is design for. This booklet is filled with complete information on getting started in reloading and bullet casting. Bullets are interchangeable, but if you go cheap, lead ones with gaschecks work well for this calibre. The best gun cleaning kit to buy in 2019 hunting is a sport. They were marked 125gr only, since the heavier bullets were too long for the cylinder. And wasnt the case lenghten for the sole purpose of prevent 357 magnum catridge from being fired from a 38 special. Rcbs sizer carbide, 357mag38sp visit the rcbs store. Jan 26, 2009 38 special bullets and 357 magnum bullets are both the same size. Dan wesson firearms revolver instruction manual small frame. I want to make up some 38 special loads with that bullet and unique powder because the mrs enjoys shooting 38 special out of my gp100.

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