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Iranpakistan relations have had a distinct characteristic over the past five decades and islamabads clandestine transfer of nuclear technology and materials to. The killing of osama bin laden highlighted the tense relationship between the. The relations between pakistan and iran have seen many prospects of convergence and divergence. India iran relations span centuries marked by meaningful interactions. Iran was the first country to recognize pakistan as an independent state after its inception in august, 1947. Introduction and background cultural relations religious relations. Pakistan pushed its case as an ally that could provide support for middle east security and in return it asked for military and economic support for its flail economy.

After pakistan gained its independence in august 1947, iran was one of the first countries to. Recommendations for the next president alex vatanka mei policy focus 201617 middle east institute policy focus series july 2016 the next u. When youre done, you can download your iran travel guide to your phone or tablet, or print it as a pdf. Pakistan and iran need to come together to develop their economic and trade ties.

Pakistan iran relations in a regional context a research journal of south asian studies 249 of iran and pakistan, the primary threat of soviet union and her regional clients in south asia and middle east became primary objectives for both to counter. Pakistaniran relations under imran khan by umair jamal how significant was the pakistani prime ministers visit, especially right after a major attack in balochistan. The strategic partnership between india and iran pdf. Iran maintained close relations with pakistan during much of the cold war. When pakistan gained independence in 1947, iran was the first country in the world to internationally recognize pakistan as a sovereign nation and shah of iran was the first head of state of any country who came to pakistan on a state visit in 1950. The islamic republic of pakistan and the islamic republic of iran preamble the government of the islamic republic of iran iran and the government of the. Since the arab countries are wary of shiite iran, pakistan finds it difficult to balance its relations between arab friends and close neighbour iran. Since 2001, however, the two countries have managed to maintain normal bilateral relations despite some persisting irritants such as border insecurity.

Toward stronger economic relations between pakistan and iran. Officially the islamic republic of iran since 1979, its capital is tehran. Pant feels that pakistan remains concerned about the growing relations of iran. This special report explores the new cordiality in relations between new delhi and tehran, as well. The two countries shared a border till 1947 and share several common features in their language, culture and traditions. All you have to do is select the type of places youd like to include restaurants, museums, etc. Us alignment with pakistan and iran and soviet union alignment with iraq. Both wanted to get benefit from the transfer of technology permitted by the npt. Redea ning hospitality if you like people, youll like iran.

India and iran committed to improved relations 6 iran s diversified economy holds great promise 7. Pdf study regarding the pakistan and iran relations. Pak iran geopolitical, maqbool ahmad national institute of. Political and strategic dimensions shah alam abstract iranpakistan relations have had a distinct characteristic over the past five decades and islamabads clandestine transfer of nuclear technology and materials to iran underlines its significance. An analysis of emerging pakistaniiranian ties irans islamic revolution and the sovietafghan war put iran and pakistan in divergent religiousideological and regional geostrategic positions. The respective policies of the governments of iran and pakistan pose serious. In 2015, the pakistani parliament voted to turn down a request by saudi arabia to join its coalition fighting the takeover of yemen by the houthis and their allies. Group members imdad hussain i221 hafiz awais i270 ahtsham hayee i350 ali raza i292 3. National treatment the contracting parties shall ensure that domestic laws, regulations and all other measures and formalities applicable to imports from the other contracting party shall not. Entry visa for free trade and industrial areas of iran 36 business visa 38. In keeping with the warmth and closeness of relations between the two countries, the shahinshah of iran was the first head of state to visit pakistan in march, 1950.

Pakistan iran relations under imran khan by umair jamal how significant was the pakistani prime ministers visit, especially right after a major attack in balochistan. Iranian relations after the 1979 islamic revolution have been sporadic and marred by mutual distrust and debacles like the iran contra affair. It may be mentioned here that for the purpose of analysis of the situation, this. Madiha afzal explains how saudi arabia has used religious funding in pakistan as part of riyadhs bid to expand its influence in the muslim world, and in its mission to counter iran. Iran research papers on a nation from the middle east. Iran is the second largest nation in the middle east, and home to a significant amount of the worlds oil, although its relations with the united states have been strained since the islamic revolution. But to think of iran only in terms of sights is to miss the real story. During the early 1950s and 60s both countries were facing serious security and economic challenges and to overcome these challenges both states aligned themselves with us. The united states was an ally of the late shah of iran, mohammad reza pahlavi the shah, who ruled from 1941 until his ouster in february 1979. Warm relations between the two countries started when they signed the friendship treaty in tehran after two. Iran and pakistans intertwined history newspaper dawn. Pakiran relations can be seen mainly from two distinguishable lenses. Pakistan iran relations in the changing global scenario post 911 zahir shah and ijaz khalid department of political sciences abdul wali khan university mardan, pakistan received.

Policy and options congressional research service 1 political history iran is a country of nearly 80 million people, located in the heart of the persian gulf region. A regional geopolitical perspective, including china, saudi arabia, iran and of course india, is necessary. Pak iran cooperation at pakistan iran relations iran is an important neighbour of pakistan because of its geostrategic location and bonds of common faith, history, culture and other deeprooted links between the two countries. Both south asia and the persian gulf have strong commercial, energy, cultural and peopletopeople links. Pakistan has an inherent interest in a stable and peaceful relationship with iran and a violence free border. The us is considered as strategic partner to pakistan and is seen. A brief history of iranpakistan preislamic revolution relations. The iranians, a nation made up of numerous ethnic groups and ina uenced over thousands of years by greek, arab. Iran and pakistan by yasmeen aftab ali, last updated june 20, 2016 iran was the first country to recognize pakistan as a sovereign state with the shah of iran. Conflict and cooperation in pak iran relations post 911.

The contracting parties hereby establish a preferential trade agreement through this. The shah of iran became the first foreign head of state to visit pakistan in 1950. Pakistan iran close relations are a source of strength not only for both the countries but also for the region. Indiairan relations span centuries marked by meaningful interactions. Iran was the first country to recognise pakistan as an independent state, and the shah of iran was the first head of state to come on a state visit to pakistan in march 1950. Post nuclear deal najam rafique abstract now that the threat of western sanctions on iran has been removed, the prospects for improved relations between pakistan and iran provide increased opportunities. Pakiran economic relations are governed by pakistaniran joint economic.

Iran was the first country to accord international recognition to pakistan when it was established in 1947. This is due to the affiliated commonalities between the two. Pdf the relations between pakistan and iran, dates back to the early stages of pakistan independence in 1947. Iran, being the first country to recognize creation of pakistan in 1947, has always supported pakistans stance on kashmir issue. A summary congressional research service summary this report summarizes important recent developments in pakistan and in pakistanu. Pakistaniran relationship in the context of regional and. Challenges, constraints and opportunities muhammad tehsin quaidiazam university, islamabad effective border management between iran and pakistan is an area in bilateral relations where tactical coordination could eventually result in strategic convergence. Pakistan iran relations 19471970 pakistan iran relations have had steady undertone of cooperation and cordiality at local, regional and global levels through the years.

The brief draws mainly from the deliberations of ips roundtable pakiran relations held on september 19, 2017, which was chaired by pakistans former envoy to iran, ambassador r khalid mehmood and addressed exclusively by irans ambassador to pakistan h. They are bound together in culture, religion, ethnicity and traditions since times immemorial. Free iran powerpoint templates flag of iran powerpoint template free iran powerpoint template background is a free template slide design with iran flag in the powerpoint background. Pakistaniran relations in the changing global scenario post 911. Pak iran relations in the postimperial world 2 emphasis on discourse ethics4 seem to be more appropriate in the analysis of pakiran relations. Pdf pakistan enjoys good relations with iran since the partition of subcontinent. Irans relations with russia and china library of international relations.

India blatantly believed ira n that it had supplied oil free of cost to pakistan. Pdf conflict and cooperation in pakiran relations post 911. India and iranone the object of much wooing from washington, the other a member of president bushs axis of evil announced the creation of a strategic partnership in 2003. A brief history of iran pakistan preislamic revolution relations. These include highprofile political assassinations in early 2011. Pakistan and iran are close neighbours, sharing 909 km border in the western side. Article information, pdf download for the joint comprehensive plan. Listen the twoday visit to pakistan by iranian president dr hassan rouhani was very significant because of the emerging. Regional focusarea studies foreign policy iranian foreign relations pakistani foreign relations united states foreign relations. Media in category relations of iran and pakistan the following 14 files are in this category, out of 14 total. Pdf 70 years of pakistan iran relations and future prospects. Pdf indiairan relationsprogress, challenges and prospects.

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